Akari is a female character who made her first appearance in Papa's Burgeria.

Flipdeck Info Edit

Hometown: Tacodale Loves: Bananas Hates: Red Lights Occupation: Courier

Akari is a highly skilled motorcyclist who loves life in the fast lane. By day, she is an independent motorcycle courier, delivering important packages across the city at lightning speed. By night, Akari can be found revving up at the Tacodale Speedway where she'll race anyone who's up for the challenge.

Appearance Edit

Akari has pale skin and black hair worn in a ponytail held by a yellow hairband. She wears an orange shirt under a black jacket with silver zippers and yellow stripes on the sleeves, orange and yellow-striped pants, and black shoes with yellow laces and silver soles. She also sports black goggles with orange shades on her forehead.