Charlie is an old man who looks like he's 100 years old. He first had a cameo in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack. He never leaves an empty space on his order but Fugeria. He is known to have ugly shoes.


Pizzeria: 4 olives every where 8 mushrooms every where 1 onion in bottom left corner. 3 sausage top right corner. 6 anchovies in the top 3 peppers in the bottom 12 pepperoni every where. Cooked for 10.5 mins. cut in 4ths.

Burgeria: Absent

Taco Mia: Soft hard beef onion sour cream pepper beans rice

Freezeria: Absent

Panckaeria: 2 Waffles with bacon mix (if you haven't unlocked waffles it will be pancakes.) Maple syrup raspberry SM Milk.

Wingeria 8 french fries(left) 6 BBQ wings 2 carrots (right) 1 celery 1 green pepper ranch dip X2 blue cheese

Fugeria: Chocolate Fudge (X 3) Carmel Sauce

Dounutria: Medium Coffee Large Muffin Small Sprinkled dounut,Medium sprinkled dounut Large sprinkled dounut

Flipdeck infoEdit

Charlie a 100 year old man. Has spent most of his life as a pro biker. He had to stop at age 50. Because he misplaced his mouth. So it looks like Xolo's now. He was at the hospital for 2 months. Had to rest on the couch for a week. That means he could not get up and eat. So when he heard the Grand opening of Papa's Pizzeria. He rushed into his car and had a pizza. he is the leader of the oldies brigade. Despite Wally not the leader anymore.

The Simpsons Edit

Charlie 2

Simpsons Apperance.

Charlie has appeared in the last quarter of season 25. The first quarter of Season 26. And the last quarter of season 26. When Homer is always out by his self he always bumps into him. Then he say's "He hurt me." Then every one beats up Homer. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Barker (Season 25) Jack Black (Quarter 1 Season 26) Seth MacFarlane (Quarter 2 Season 26.) There is an article up at The Simpsons Fanon Wiki.