Narrator: If he fell off a cliff, he'd admire the view. He's happy and he knows it. Clap your hands!

Happy: (claps his hands)

Narrator: Legend has it, he even makes Grumpy smile...barley. Meet Happy!

Happy: Oh, whoopty-doopty-shmoodily-doo!

From The 9D Mine Train

Character Information Edit

Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson

Nickname(s): Smiley, Cheerful crooner (by Hildy), Hap (by Grumpy, Ally, and King of Echoes)

Occupation: Miner

Goal: To annoy Grumpy

Gender: Male

Hair: Light Blonde

Eyes: Yellow

Relationships: Edit

Family: Grandpa Happy

Enimies: Hildy, James and Grim Goldilocks

Likes: Singing songs, Annoying Grumpy, Fried Eggs, The word "Whoopty-Doopty-Schmoodily-Doo!" Wearing Yellow

Dislikes: Grumpy getting bullied, His friends feeling sad, People taking his guitar, Grumpy whistling The word "Boom!"

Favorites Edit

Happy is one of the nine dwarfs