Mr. Mad is mad. Rarely, he's happy. His wife is Mrs. Happy.

Pizzeria: 4 Pepperonis, 4 Olives On The Left, 6 Peppers On The Right, 12 Mushrooms, Cooked For 30.5 Mins, Cut In Fourths.

Unlocked In Pizzeria: Rank 15 (Good Player) Rank 18 (Average Player)

Burgeria:Bread, BBQ Sauce, Pickle, BBQ Sauce, Pickle, BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Rare Patty, Bread.

Unlocked: Rank 27 (Good Player) Rank 29 (Average Palyer)

Absent In Taco Mia

Freezeria: Small Mint Sundae w/ Blueberries, Smooth, Whipped Cream, Blueberry Syrup, Shaved Mints, Shaved Mints, Banana, Banana, Banana.

Unlocked: Rank 40 (Good) Rank 45 (Average)

Pancakeria:Bacon Waffle, 9 Butter, Bacon Waffle, 9 Butter,Bacon Waffle, Blueberries, 4 Bananas. Drink Is Large Tea With Sugar.

Unlocked: Closer In Day 2

Wingeria: 4 Atomic Wings, 4 Medium Wings, 4 Teriyaki Strips, 4 Red Peppers.

Unlocked: Closer In Day 5.

Absent In Fudgeria.

Donuteria: Large Tea. Small Donut (X 3) Large Donut Small Muffin

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