Papa's Hamburgeria is one of the Papa Louie Restaurant fanmade that's created by Benny30111.

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Holiday Edit

Neptune's Feast (Unlocked with on Rank 6) - Favorite by:(Iris, Mindy, Wally, Timm, Robby, Tohru,

Double Ninth Festival (Unlocked with on Rank 11) - Favorite by:(Sawyer

Halloween (Unlocked with on Rank 21) - Favorite by:(Foodini Jr., Sarge Fan

Thanksgiving (Unlocked with on Rank 16) - Favorite by:(Melissa, Big Pauly, James, Kingsley, Carlo Romano,

Christmas (Unlocked at Rank 26 with ) - Favorited by:(Cecilia, Allan

New Year (Unlocked at Rank 31 with ) - Favorited by:(Mary, Sasha, Hugo, Gino Romano

Valentine's Day (Unlocked at Rank 36 with ) - Favorited by:(Roy, Sue, Cooper, Greg, Olga 

St. Paddy Day (Unlocked at Rank 41 with ) - Favorited by:(Mitch, Prudence,  

Easter (Unlocked at Rank 46 with ) - Favorited by:(Mandi, Clair, Little Edoardo 

Cinco De Mayo (Unlocked at Rank 51 with ) - Favorited by:(Mrs. Happy, Taylor, Maggie,  

Summer Luau (Unlocked at Rank 56 with ) - Favorited by:(Ocean, Penny, Franco 

Starlight BBQ (Unlocked at Rank 61 with ) - Favorited:(Bob, Jack Pumpernick, Chuck, Peggy, Bruna Romano, Papa Louie,