Rarefan! has a rare name and orders weird stuff.


Pizzeria: 2 Peppers Everywhere, Cooked For 8.5 Mins, Cut In Two Pieces.

Burgeria: Bread, Rare Patty, Bread.

Taco Mia: Hard, Chicken, Peppers, Verde Sauce, Onions, Onions, Onions, Hot Sauce.

Freezeria: Medium Mint Sundae w/ Nutty Butter Cups, Red Blend, Choco Whipped Cream, Gummy Onion (x9), Cookie.

Pancakeria: Bacon French Toast, Blueberries, 12 Bananas, Maple Syrup, Honey, Blueberry Syrup, Maple Syrup, 15 Strawberries. Drink Is Large Cranberry With Cocoa.

Wingeria: 12 Medium Shrimps, 8 Carrots, Kung Pao, Zesty Pesto, Kung Pao, Ranch Dip.

Fudgeria: Sour Fudge, Loco Mystery Salty Cream.

Donuteria: Small Donut, X-Large Ice Cream.