Ricky is a rich man who sort of looks like AustinD-3.

Him waiting in wingeria

 He works for JoJo. He is the second food critic He gives you a red bow-tie instead of a blue ribbon. He is not a closer. He started his job as a food critic in Taco Mia. He is like a health inspector.


Pizzeria: 33

Burgeria: 31

Taco Mia 54

Frezzeria 49

Panckaeria 20

Wingeria 52

Dounutria 44

Fudgeria 50

He usally orders the first thing you unlock

Taco Mia. Meat

Freezeria Vanilla

Pancakeria Pancakes

Wingeria Wings+ celery

Dounutria origanal

Fudgeria Vanilla


Pizzeria: 12 pepper 4 olives 8 sausge 15.5 mins. cut in 8ths

Burgeria bottom bun well done patty rare patty onion pickle onion pickle mayo top bun